21-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
I have anxiety and cptsd doing crafts such as coloring making necklaces and bracelets out of beads and what not scrap books so those items sewing just anything crafts willing to pick up please let me know if your wanting to let go of some of these items they are very helpful for therapy thank you
20-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for litter box and litter with a scooper. Any kind of cat supplies
19-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Away from home, working during summer in Toledo. I need a bed for my apt.
17-May-2018Belleville, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
It would be real nice if people would remove old posts. It would also be very nice if you put an item up for grabs that you actually get a hold of the person wanting it. The last 4 times i have tried to get items from here i have been stood up. That just isnt cool on a forum like this. It is very disappointing.
16-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for an garden arch or trellis for a backyard wedding. Also if anyone has a portable dance floor for us to borrow, it would be appreciated.
15-May-2018Van Buren Twp, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am looking for baby girls clothes 0-6mo. I have five kids and we thought we were done so I ended up giving away my baby clothes and now I'm due August 21st. We are on a very tight budget being such a big family, any help would be greatly appreciated.
12-May-2018Riverview, MI(24 miles)Items Wanted
looking for free top soil mulch red lava rocks, landscaping yard and soil for my daughters garden,thanks in advance!
12-May-2018Riverview, MI(24 miles)Items Wanted
looking for mulch/red lava rocks for landscaping and top soil for my daughters garden, thanks in advance!
6-May-2018Belleville, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
My fiance and i are starting to prepare for a cross country roadtrip with a main destination goal of las vegas to get married. We are customized and doing up our 1987 caprice and would appreciate any camping supplies or bedding/ foam for a bed extra wood for a frame for the bed . Any small solar panel that could bee hooked up to a car. Portable fans. Basically anything that could help us in thi...
6-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
I just took in 3 orphaned kittens less than a month old. I need a baby gate that can keep them corralled in my room so that they don't get trampled, into trouble, or into a terf war with my other cats. Right now I just have a door wedged horizontally across my bedroom doorway, which I have to struggle to crawl over every time I need to get into or out of my room.
4-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any kind of rags to use around the house/yard.
3-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Just moved to a mobile home, need small apartment size fridge, anything small . A clothes washer and an air conditioner. Any of these would be a God send. Thank you in advance. Also I don't have A way to transport anything . That would be helpful as well. I only have one hand but I will help get it in side as much as I can. God bless you for your generosity. I live in Defiance, Ohio .
1-May-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a couple of dressers for my kids. Please and thank you
30-Apr-2018Belleville, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a patio table set with umbrella. Can pick up at your convenience. Thanks in advance for your help.
26-Apr-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
I need some of those plastic bags used for newspaper or flyer delivery. They need to be about 16" and clear (I don't want the orange ones). I don't need a huge quantity. Even a couple reams would do it. THX.
26-Apr-2018Dundee, MI(17 miles)Items Wanted
If you have one that's no longer required let me know 2 or 3 seater / wooden or metal
24-Apr-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for used magazines for craft projects.
15-Apr-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted table and chairs.
15-Apr-2018Toledo, OH(20 miles)Items Wanted
ISO Rocker recliner from smoke free home.
14-Apr-2018Belleville, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am trying to create an indoor garden. I need metal shelves, trays. I could also use some perlite.
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